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Everything is in flow and in a dynamic process of learning and changing. Systemically nothing stands still. Nothing lasts forever. Those who do not develop further fall back and lose their self-effectiveness. The decrease of systemic vitality accompanied by symptoms such as loss of meaning, identity collapse and lack of orientation is the consequence of this kind of blockade. Personal, as well as collective development of awareness and systemic maturity evolution start at the root of such undesirable development and establish a protection against paralysing habits and heedlessness which could endanger the thoughts and actions of individuals, organizations and, indeed, whole levels of the population.


Leadership Coaching

The insight has been gained that the benchmark for future viability and business success will no longer be derived solely from professional competency and hard performance facts. A fundamental willingness for learning as a mode of life and systemic openness to the dynamic complexity of change processes is necessary if the responsibility of leadership should also be matched in the future.


Leaders and managers are increasingly challenged to adopt an integrating role of being committed to the process of developing employees as well as to the economic business success. This is inextricably linked to the ability of a comprehensive view to identify employees and clients as parts of a common superordinate system, and to shape this cooperation in terms of function and effectiveness.


Leaders in society as well as in organizations are particularly challenged to recognize early indications of undesirable systemic developments and to take necessary effective measures proactively.



Magnificent advancements in quality and productivity are often the outcome of teamwork. Team performance allows its individuals and the company access to untapped treasures of dormant systemic capabilities and strengths. It implies experiencing a new level of cooperation that goes far beyond what one understands by traditional group work.


Team consultation is both a way to reflect upon something together and an opportunity to allow an innovative idea to develop. Generally, the final result is quite different from the original idea, and from additional contributions that have been made. It is neither a compromise nor a mere adding up of solitary ideas: it is a new creation!


The actual challenge in developing real high performance teams, however, is not primarily an organizational task. The learning of cooperative collaboration as well as a cultivation of systemic openness forms the foundation upon which such a project is built. The outcome is most rewarding!


Handling time

Lack of time, stress and burnout can actually be symptoms of overburdening and of being over challenged. However, these symptoms mostly depict blocked or uncultivated potentials of self competency. To be able to optimize the handling of time one must learn by tackling the root causes to establish better access to own resources, to recognize priorities, to set goals for oneself, to efficiently organize one’s work and to remove obstacles. There is a difference between time management by scheduling and the vision-oriented handling of time as a resource for the achievement of values and goals.





  • Individual Mission Statement according to OSM®
  • Self competency and systemic Roles in Life
  • Systemic Conflict Resolution
  • Techniques of Systemic Questions and Goal Formulation
  • Moderation of Team Meetings
  • Handling time



  • Systemic Processes for Company Transfer
  • Teams – basic building blocks for Learning Organizations
  • Creative processes in Project Teams
  • Systemic Mission Statement for organizations, departments and teams
  • Organizational and Team Constellation according to OSM®


  • Systemic Coaching
  • Open System Consultant
  • Advanced course: Systemic Diagnosis
  • Coaching of co-creative Team Systems
  • NLP Practitioner and NLP Master


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