We would like to be partners, when it comes to encouraging the inherent potentials of individuals, teams and organizations and helping them to develop. With our expertise and many years of experience we help our clients exploit the extensive opportunities of the systemic approach for comprehensive solutions and synergies.


We see ourselves as process companions and prospect seekers, who do not work with set recipes but develop each instructional training programme and seminar together with our partners, according to their needs. Our goal is not limited to the transfer of knowledge alone. Rather, it is important to find practical solutions with particular attention to the special requirements and conditions of the organization, which will increase its performance and future security.


Not only do we see our clients as partners, we are also active initiators and members of diverse international collaborations and networks, keeping the quality and relevance of our work vibrant and widening its circle of effectiveness.

Meaning arises from belonging to a systemic whole, shaping self-image and an awareness of identity. Freedom develops into maturity when it is coupled with responsibility.


DI Kambiz Poostchi


Zistererbichl 16, A-6200 Jenbach




Mobile: +43 650 7295972

„Regard man as a mine

rich in gems of

inestimable value.“