A new learning culture is becoming increasingly important for companies as well as for educational and social systems, in order to proactively meet the requirements of the future by means of increased flexibility and innovative adaptability. Decentralized structures rely on a mature systemic leadership on all levels and on employees with entrepreneurial thinking.


Experience shows that business success is no longer determined simply by professional competency, but by the capability to build a progressive learning culture, by recognizing employees and customers as parts of a common superordinate system and by establishing a functional and effective collaboration.


If enterprises plan to meet the increasing complexity and interdependency of future global markets, the decisive key factors are systems thinking, conveyance of meaning and common visions, promotion of self-competency and intrinsic motivation, clarification of mental attitudes which unconsciously influence action, and the ability to work in teams.


Tailor-made seminar units and user-oriented training courses provide the core skills and models that, in addition to better access to individual potentials, are important for building and promoting systemic structures in Learning Organizations.

  • OSM Training Courses

  • Systemic Leadership and Corporate Governance
  • Open System Professional
  • Advanced training course for Open System Consultant
  • Coaching of co-creative Team Systems

  • Corporate Health Management


  • Systemic Coaching



  • Neuro Linguistic Programming certified Trainings

  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Master


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